Dark veil – experiments with high contrast and motion

During the photo shoot of  the Dark Queen mask, I decided to play with a dark veil given the strong wind of that day.


I actually wanted to experiment with wind and capture motion in other photo shoots, but unfortunately weather didn’t help that much, but the scenery, the weather and the concept was shooting this time were perfect. Continue reading “Dark veil – experiments with high contrast and motion”

Dark Queen II

We had a blizzard some days ago and everything was covered by snow, which made an ideal landscape for a new photo shoot with the Dark Queen mask.


However, shooting in snow is not that easy, the natural light is a bit hard to manage because it bounces everywhere. In addition to that, it’s hard to set a good exposure that captures texture in both the snow and the subject given the high contrast – you end having texture in the snow with a dark subject, or a good exposition in the subject with a white non-textured background.

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