This is my mutt, Nina

My ugly mutt, Nina

This is my ugly mutt Nina, we adopted her when she was 3 months old, she was supposed to be a German shepherd mix but I think she’s got a little bit of everything.

We started looking for dogs last year, assisting to adoption events organized by Homeward Trails, and meeting some rescue dogs. In the beginning we felt in love with a dachshund mix we met in Herndon but unfortunately our application was rejected because she was already in the process of being adopted. Homeward Trails helped us finding similar dogs, and recommended some events so we could go and meet them. Continue reading “This is my mutt, Nina”

Exhibición de razas caninas

En Panaca (Quimbaya, Quindío) hay una exhibición de perros adiestrados muy bonita, con mucha acción e interacción con el público. Estas son fotos de algunos momentos de esta exhibición:

Exhibición de razas caninas  Continue reading “Exhibición de razas caninas”