Lovely Annabell, looking for a new home

Annabell, a lovely cat looking to be adopted

This is Annabel, a lovely cat my wife and I are fostering since July. She lost her home some months ago and was rescued by HART, she was living in a kennel for several weeks before my wife brought her here.

In the beginning Annabell was really shy, but she was not scared to explore our apartment and actually felt comfortable, even interacting from the distance with Nina.

Annabell, a lovely cat looking to be adopted

I was not used to have cats, and I was expecting they were like dogs, wanting to be picked up or be pet. Cats are independent, and they actually allow you to pet them when they want, not when you want to. Continue reading “Lovely Annabell, looking for a new home”

Washington DC Smithsonian Zoo – Felinos

DC Smithsonian Zoo - Tiger (close up)

El zoológico de Washington DC aloja una gran diversidad de animales que incluyen aves, osos, primates, felinos, insectos, lagartos, etc. Lo dificil es encontrar a los animales, pues viven en áreas llenas de árboles y arbustos y mantienen escondidos. Continue reading “Washington DC Smithsonian Zoo – Felinos”