Cambridge University Colleges

I recently bought a film scanner (Jumbl 22MP All-In-One) and I’m scanning all the photos I took with my old film cameras between 1994 and 2005.

Film Scanner

Unfortunately, I didn’t store the negatives good enough and most of them have scratches. In addition to that, the scanner is not perfect and it adds very little dust to the scanned photos, but despite that I’m really happy to see my old photos again, and actually surprised to see those images, they are actually good, keeping in mind that I hadn’t taken any course in photography at that time and I was just learning from books.

These are some photos I took in Cambridge, England in 2003. I lived there for 9 months and used to visit the colleges and register the details of their beautiful architecture.

Kings College

One of the most popular colleges is the Kings College. This is its chapel as seen from one side:

Kings College chapel Continue reading “Cambridge University Colleges”